CNC Machining

CNC Machining


CNC milling and turning are advanced manufacturing techniques that allow for the precision machining of a wide range of materials, including metals. Using computer numerical control (CNC) technology, we are able to program the machines to create highly accurate and complex parts with tight tolerances.

CNC milling involves using a cutting tool, typically a rotating end mill, to remove material from a workpiece. This process allows for the creation of parts with intricate geometries and precise features.

CNC turning, on the other hand, uses a cutting tool, typically a single-point cutting tool, to remove material from a rotating workpiece. This process is typically used to create cylindrical parts and features such as threads and grooves.

At Srak Prestek, we utilize the latest technology and software to program our CNC milling and turning machines. Our team is well-trained and experienced in working with a variety of metals, including steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. We also employ strict quality control measures to ensure that every part produced meets the highest standards of precision and accuracy.


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